The Nearshore Executive Alliance (NEA) is a new organization established by a broad selection of Nearshore industry leaders and business executives from across the Americas. This group will endeavor to collaborate with each other to increase the use of Nearshore.

NEA will contribute to the overall benefit of the Nearshoring industry by enabling collaboration with industry thought leaders, sharing of location intelligence and best practices and provide market/media education. It will also provide a robust set of resources, marketing support, documentation standards, public policy guidance, code of ethics guidelines, national government networking opportunities, and business-to-business partnering opportunities for North/Latin American based nearshore buyer and provider companies.

Latin America, an increasingly relevant region
Global IT delivery strategies more frequently include Latin America

“The power of a well-crafted global delivery strategy lies beyond labor arbitrage and low-cost offshoring from India. Although most projects featuring a global delivery strategy stick to application development work, there are opportunities for more advanced relationships beyond staff augmentation and software engineering services. New remote infrastructure management offerings and service offerings that focus o1n niche areas of application expertise now see global delivery locations spread beyond India into Latin America. The region is vast and offers the ingredients to make any nearshore move successful: it has a thriving technology economy, it brings competitive software development rates, it can demonstrate industry innovation, and with vast human capital it has the potential to scale.”
HfS Research, How Latin America Powers Global IT Delivery

“Besides skill sets and technology, there are other reasons for which alternate markets also need to be actively considered. Take for instance the aspect of time zone. Many of the Latin American locations lie at the same time zones as the US. There are various outsourcing opportunities that may be tapped here, especially if we are to look at the large Spanish speaking population of the region and juxtapose it with the equally large Hispanic population of the US.”
Atul Vashistha, Neo Group: Global Sourcing in the New Normal: Adapting to Economic Uncertainty, Changing Markets and Competitive Dynamics”

Organizational Goals

  • To collaborate on marketing initiatives to better promote Latin America as a destination.
  • To build key relationships between leading nearshore companies, buyers, analysts, and media outlets.
  • To more clearly and consistently communicate the advantages of nearshore services
  • To promote best practices and ethical standards within member companies.
  • To provide thought leadership and access to the most accurate research on the LatAm region
  • To maintain a culture of openness, creativity, and collaboration.

Who Should Join the Working Group?

  • Buy side or sell side executives with a personal and visible stake in the growth of the Nearshore industry.
  • Professionals that have setup successful LatAm Nearshore operations as a buyer, seller, or captive center operations leaders.
  • Those who have influenced the increase of Nearshore services activity in roles such as analyst, educator, service provider, reporter, or industry consultant in the Americas.
  • Those that are passionately committed to driving growth and sustainability in the nearshore environment.

How to get involved?

1. Fill out this form
2. For a copy of the bylaws and a schedule of upcoming events, email